The Autonomous Sinixt team would like to express our gratitude to all who assisted and supported our work in 2022.  Below is a list of our accomplishments, ongoing work and a profile of the projects for 2023.

Film Related

  • The Premier of Beyond Extinction: Sinixt Resurgence at DOXA film Festival 
  • The Local Film Tour
    • Arrow Lake Theater, Nakusp: 95 attendees 
    • Royal Theater, Trail: 105 attendees
    • Civic Theater, Nelson: 161 attendees
    • Vallican Whole, Vallican: 108 attendees
    • The Old Theater, Castlegar: 77 attendees
  • The Film on the Festival Circuit
  • The film & panel at BCNU Human Rights Conference
beyond extinction: Sinixt Resurgence film poster

In the News


  • Letter Writing Campaign re: FPCC funding decision
    • Initiated process with BC Ombuds office re: withdrawal of promised FPCC funding. Ombuds agreed to pursue; ongoing
  • Autonomous Sinixt (re)occupation of nk̓ʕáwxtən (Vallican) camp letter writing campaign to BC Heritage Branch.
  • ReWilding Piq Ki7lawna7 Campaign for the Central Selkirk Mountains
    • Ongoing social media campaign


Signing MoU with Rossland Museum for Sinixt repository
Signing MoU with Rossland Museum for Sinixt repository

Kootenay Yoga Festival


  • Public talk (in-person & via zoom) for Castlegar United Church: Sinixt History and Culture
  • Sinixt archaeology talk at the University of Delaware 
  • Info session with RDKB, Montrose, Trail, and Rossland elected leaders and staff on Sinixt 
  • Dandelion Festival
  • Neighbours United talk Sinixt “Extinction”: Contemporary Sinixt-Settler-State Relations in British Columbia Workshop
  • Kootenay Yoga Festival: Opening, Plant Protocols, Moving Towards Discomfort & Radical Sinixt inclusion 
  • Language workshop at Rossland Museum
  • Storytelling in Christina Lake 
  • Cedar weaving workshop, Rossland museum
  • Chainsaw carving opening in Rossland 
  • Kootenay Art Therapy Institute graduation address
  • hosted annual thanksgiving dinner at nk̓ʕáwxtən (Vallican) Camp

Community Support

  • Sending of medicine to Ulluilsc and Sutikalh Indigenous camps
  • medicine gifted to dozens who are sick and in need 
  • Support for local families and homeless people – food, money etc.
  • Cultural and medicinal support for people with addictions 
  • active support of community healing circle during covid 19
  • MMW2S march in new Denver
  • Commencement Speaker Vallican Kootenay Art Therapy Institute graduation 
  • Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at nk̓ʕáwxtən
Marilyn James walking in the winter holding a stick

OCP engagement & review

  • Village of Slocan
  • City of Rossland
  • City of Rossland Parks & Recreation

Grants Received

  • Vancouver Foundation, “Healing the Sinixt tmxʷúlaʔxʷ (homeland)”
  • Species at Risk – 2 projects in support of White Grizzly and various species in Piq Ki7lawna7


  • Online silent auction (Dec) raises $1700+
  • 3 designs of t-shirts were created and distributed for sale, as well as various other merchandise
  • Ongoing fundraising through BoLC

Visits to Vallican

Past Events

  • Kootenay Yoga Festival 
  • July First at Rossland Museum 
  • City of Trail: TRC Day


In the works for 2023

  • Border Crossed: Sinixt Identity, Place and Belonging in the Canada-US Borderlands – chapter coming in 2023
  • Airing of APTN The Other Side episode
  • Publication of Captíkʷɬ Sw̓ar̓ák̕xən picture book and related video (with Maa Press)
  • International Language Conference 
  • Launch of Piq Ki7lawna Mural and Interpretive Signage
  • Ongoing ReWilding Piq Ki7lawna campaign
  • Taking it to the water Graphic Novel 
  • More cedar weaving (Taress, Rossland  Museum)
  • Taking it to the Water video
  • Meridians publication + audio (Marilyn James and the origins of Smum iem)
  • Borderlands chapter on dialect
  • Beyond Extinction south of the border and more public screening in Canada
  • Launch event/feast for Snk’mip Marsh signage
  • Plant protocols info sessions, educational materials, signage, language
  • Building Sinixt archives
  • More loans from Sinixt families of cultural items for display Rossland museum