Our Land

Where is the Sinixt təmxʷulaʔxʷ? North of the Grand Bend on the Columbia River, to the height of the Monashee Range in the west, and east to the height of the Purcell Range. Sinixt təmxʷúlaʔxʷ was divided by the Canada-US border with 80% of Sinixt territory is in what is now known as South-eastern British […]

Smum Iem

Smum iem is the traditional governance body of Autonomous Sinixt. This means we retain the right to make decisions for ourselves rather than the governments of Canada, British Columbia, the USA or the Band Council systems created by these colonial governments. We were tasked by the Creator to look after our unceded, ancestral təmxʷúlaʔxʷ (homeland) […]


What does it mean to be “extinct” for Sinixt? Sinixt “extinction” is nuanced. It is not the Sinixt Peoples who were deemed “extinct”, but rather the Arrow Lakes Band. The Arrow Lakes Band was the only Sinixt (Lakes) collective recognized by the government of Canada. Unlike all neighbouring Indigenous Nations (Syilx, Ktunaxa, Secwe̓pemc) who have […]


The Autonomous Sinixt Autonomous Sinixt are those Sinixt who reject the authority of the governments of Canada, British Columbia, The United States of America, Washington State, Colville Confederated Tribes, Okanagan Nation Alliance, or any other governing body who claims the authority to represent our interests and by proxy, exert authority over our təmxʷúlaʔx and siwɬkʷ, […]


T’kikstn Language Revitalization Project × T’kikstn Language Revitalization Project The T’kikstn Project is an effort by Autonomous Sinixt revitalize our Interior Salish Dialect, Snslxcin. Our work includes reintroducing the names we use for the many wondrous places we inhabit and the things we interact with on our təmxʷúlaʔx (land) and siwɬkʷ (water). We share this […]

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Marilyn James Sinixt elder doing a tobacco offering