Lim limpt / Thank you for considering ways to support Autonomous Sinixt.

Photograph by Louis Bockner

The easiest way to donate to Autonomous Sinixt is through the Blood of Life Collective. The Blood of Life Collective is a group of Sinixt and settler activists who are collaborating to support Sinixt resurgence. 

Blood of Life Collective has created easy ways for you to donate to projects and initiatives that you are passionate about. As per the industry standard, ninety-three cents of every dollar donated to this society goes directly towards the initiatives that support the Autonomous Sinixt. The remaining seven cents will be used to cover our organization’s overhead costs, such as bank fees, or administrative services that cost money.

If you prefer to donate directly to Autonomous Sinixt you can do so by sending a cheque to the Smum iem Society at the following address.

Smum iem Society 
Box 69
New Denver, British Columbia 
V0G 1S0